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“After being in the business for over 20 years,
Parafest is the best flying event I have ever been to.”

Paul Bailey – Bailey Aviation

Paraglider and hang glider pilots have the many free flying sites of North Wales and Snowdonia National Park all within easy driving distance from the festival site.
Experienced local pilots will be on site to offer details and site briefs to all visiting pilots depending on the forecast conditions.

Paramotor and powered hang glider pilots have a dedicated field to use for the duration of Parafest.
SSDR pilots are also able to use this field and are more than welcome to come and join the fun.

Permission for pilots intending to fly from the festival airfield is only granted with the purchase of a weekend ticket.
Weekend tickets with permission must be bought from this website in advance and will not be available on the gate.

Due to the size and nature of the event we must insist that all pilots intending to use the airfield at Parafest must prove current third party liability insurance at registration and receive a site brief before flying.

Insurance policies for UK paramotor pilots accepted at Parafest include current BHPA membership with a power rating, the AXA insurance policy administered from Austria and the PMC policy for PMC members.
If you are a non UK pilot or have a different policy than any of the above and wish to fly at Parafest please email admin@parafest.co.uk with a copy of your policy so we can confirm it is valid for the UK and you will be allowed to fly.

If you currently have no 3rd party insurance but wish to fly from the Parafest site you can purchase the AXA policy from this link for about £140:


If you purchase the AXA policy and are not a member of any training organisation, therefore unable to prove any formal training, you may be required to undergo a brief assessment to confirm you are able to pilot a paramotor safely and competently.

“Parafest is the biggest and best flying event the UK has ever seen.
Whether an experienced pilot, a new pilot or a potential pilot, Parafest is the only flying event in the UK that everyone should attend”

Mark Morgan - UK team pilot and Sussex Paramotor sales.

“Flying, beer, food, fire and loads of laughs. In the welsh countryside, near the coast, near the hills, the biggest and best gathering of pilots in the UK.
100% success on the weather and 1 in 10 chance of getting a good looking marshal ( or you could end up with me ) ”

Stu Mowatt - paramotor pilot and Parafest marshal.

“After being in the business for 20 years Parafest Is the best flying event I have ever been to”

Paul Bailey - Bailey Aviation

“Parafest was our first trade show and we can’t wait for next year. We sold 4 motors and 4 wings. It put us firmly on the map, we will be back”

Trevor Drury - TAG Paramotors

“A wonderful and friendly atmosphere. Parafest is the only place in the UK for the trades to exhibit and meet their customers”

Clive Mason - CM Paramotors

“Great festival, great atmosphere. We sold a paramotor which was delivered within 2 weeks. We will definitely be attending 2017”

Steve Page - Scout Paramotors UK

“A great weekend that every pilot should have marked in their calendar. Parafest is quickly establishing itself as an annual pilgrimage that every pilot should go to.”

Mike Fletcher - FLYKANDY

“I have attended the previous Parafest events and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Very much looking forward to the third one. This is one event not to be missed”

Mike Chilvers UFLY4FUN

“As an instructor every new group of students always has at least one that started with a trip to Parafest.
These students often tell me how helpful it was to be able to see and try a range of kit, talk to the dealers, meet the pilots and see loads of flying. They all look forward to next years event when they will be able to fly there themselves.”

Ric Womersley - UK team pilot and paramotor instructor

“Parafest, it’s a festival you can fly at.!
The location is great, the food is good, the music is live, the atmosphere excellent.
It’s a very unique flying event, just what the UK community needed

Did i mention that the AC Nitro is the lightest machine in the world, ever, ever ever?”

Vince White - Custom Air, UK importer for Air Conception Paramotors